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Quick Pickled Vegetables

Quick Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Vegetables

There are no hard and fast rules with this recipe except the ratio of vinegar (three parts) to sugar (one part). You can pickle just about any vegetable as long as it is cut thinly. The use of a mandolin is highly recommended. The spices you use are up to you. Although I would avoid anything labeled “Pickling Spices” as I think these are best for the pickles you use with a canning method. The idea here is to create a pickle to be consumed within a couple of hours of preparation. The ingredients here were some things I had on hand from the garden and in the refrigerator. You can use your imagination.

• 3 cups distilled white vinegar
• 1 cup granulated sugar
• ½ teaspoon caraway seeds
• ½ teaspoon fennel seeds
• 1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional)
• ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
• 2 small zucchini, sliced into thin rounds
• 1 small eggplant, sliced into thin rounds, and cut into half moons
• 1 cucumber, sliced into thin rounds
• ¼ red onion, cut into thin half moons
• ½ carrot, julienned
• 2 banana peppers, sliced into thin rounds
• 10 basil leaves, julienned

In a sauce pan add the vinegar, the sugar, the caraway and fennel seeds, the red pepper flakes, and the ground pepper. Heat to the simmer and cook for about 10 minutes allowing the sugar to dissolve and the seeds to release their flavors.

In a large ceramic or glass bowl layers all the vegetables. If you want a nice presentation place the smaller vegetables on top and layer the eggplant, zucchini, and cucumber on the bottom.

Pour the heated vinegar mixture over the vegetables, making sure all the vegetables are either submerged or in touch with the vinegar. If you are serving relatively quickly (less than two hours) cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow to cool on the counter. If you are serving later in the day, cover with plastic wrap, allow the mixture to cool, and then refrigerate until you are ready to serve.

This works as a side dish or condiment depending on what you are serving with it. This tasted great all by itself or mounded on top of a sandwich or hamburger.