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This page will allow links to specific categories of recipes.  And where applicable links to recipes for leftovers.  As the blog grows the categories will get more specific so hang in there with me. “GF” means the recipe is either gluten free or there is a gluten free alternative recipe.


asian-style turkey soup

Asian-Style Chicken Soup

Agnolotti in a mornay sauce

all’ Amatriciana, bucatini or spaghetti

all’ Arrabbiata, chicken,  GF

all’ Arrabbiata, penne

Ancho chiles rellenos, GF

Apple and pear tart

Apple, and shrimp stir fry,  GF

Apple cake, polenta

Apple crisp

Apple, mulligatawny soup

Apple salsa, with grilled chicken, GF

Apple upside-down cake

Apricot and blueberry crisp

Arrabbiata, penne

Arroz con pollo, GF

Arugula and pea pesto, GF

Asian-style turkey soup, GF

Asparagus and cheddar, quiche

Asparagus and crab soup, GF

Avocado, guacamole,  GF

Blueberry Peach Cake

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato quesadilla

Balsamic vinegar and tomato sauce for chicken

Basa, Lemon Butter Sauce

Basil Pesto , GF

Bean, squash and corn soup, GF

Beans, black, basic , GF

Beans, pinto, borracho beans,  GF

Beef and chorizo meatloaf

Beef, chuck eye steak, braised, GF

Beef, filet mignon, pepper crusted with caramelized onions in port wine,  GF

Beef, pot roast , GF

Beef, prime rib roast, GF

Beef short ribs, braised

Black Beans, basic , GF

Black bean, corn, and quinoa salad, GF

Black beans, side dish , GF

Black bean, soup, GF

Black-eyed pea salsa, GF

Black-eyed peas,  GF

BLT quesadilla

Blueberry and lemon curd tart

Blueberry and peach cake

Blue cheese and mushroom sauce with bucatini

Borracho Beans,  GF

Braised beef short ribs

Broccoli and cheddar, quiche

broccoli soup, cream of

Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes

Bucatini all’ Amatriciana

Bucatini with mushrooms and blue cheese

Butternut squash, harvest bisque, © 2009 David Scott Allen

Butternut squash, roasted,  GF

Butternut squash soup, GF


caprese salad

Caprese Salad

Cabbage and fennel gratin, GF

Cabbage gratin, GF

Caprese salad, GF

Caprese salad, roasted tomato,  GF

Carnitas, pork GF

Cassoulet, crock pot version GF

Catalan Savory Pastis (Pie) GF

Cheesecake, lemon, whipped

cheesecake, pumpkin

Cherry tomato and mozzarella sauce

Cherry tomatoes on bruschetta

Chicken all’ Arrabbiata, braised chicken,  GF

Chicken and broccoli casserole

Chicken and pepper curry, GF

Chicken and sausage burger,  GF

Chicken and sausage meatballs, GF

Chicken breasts stuffed with salami

Chicken breasts with peanuts and chinese five spice

Chicken, curried chili , GF

Chicken, grilled, curry marinade

Chicken, grilled and marinated , GF

Chicken, grilled and marinated, with apple salsa,  GF

Chicken in mustard sauce, GF

Chicken marsala

Chicken meatballs

Chicken, Moroccan  GF

Chicken noodle soup,  GF

Chicken oregano

Chicken, oven roasted,  GF

Chicken parmigiana

Chicken, pasta mediterranean

Chicken, pasta salad, Greek style

Chicken, pesto pasta

Chicken piccata

Chicken, Poulet a la Grecque (braised chicken)

Chicken ragu, GF

Chicken, rice, and artichoke casserole

Chicken, Rotisserie , GF

Chicken, stir fried with vegetables and noodles,  GF

Chicken, sweet and spicy,  GF

Chicken thighs, braised, with curried rice

Chicken thighs, roasted with vegetables,  GF

Chile, Southwestern red, © 2009 David Scott Allen

Chili, curried chicken , GF

Chili, turkey,  GF

Chocolate pots de creme

Chorizo and beef meatloaf

Chorizo, squash and corn stew

Chuck eye steak, braised,  GF

Corn, bean and squash soup, GF

Corn, black bean, and quinoa salad,  GF

Cornmeal, polenta,  GF

Couscous, minty with grilled shrimp,  GF

Crab and asparagus soup, GF

Cucumber and tomato salad GF

Cucumber salad, GF

Cucumber salad with sour cream and dill GF

Curry, chicken and pepper, GF

Curry marinade, grilled chicken or pork


Duck a l’Orange,  GF


Eggplant napoleon, GF

Eggplant, Parmigiana , GF

Eggplant, Ratatouille , GF

Eggplant rollatini, GF

Eggplant, tomato, and zucchini tart

Eggs baked in potatoes, GF


Fennel and leek gratin

Filet mignon, pepper crusted with caramelized onions in port wine

Fish, Basa, Lemon Butter Sauce

Fish tacos, four ways

Frijoles borrachos, borracho beans, GF


Game hens, grilled GF

Garbanzo and spinach soup,  GF

Garbanzo and preserved lemon dip,  GF

Gemelli with sun dried tomatoes and broccoli rabe

Ginger/Soy sauce for chicken


Grapes in sabayon sauce, GF

Greek Salad GF

Greek style chicken pasta salad

Grilled vegetable gratin, GF

Guacamole, GF

Gumbo, sausage and shrimp , GF

Gumbo pasta

Guiso, pork stew , GF


Ham and broccoli casserole

Harvest bisque, © 2009 David Scott Allen


Involtini di melanzane,  GF

Italian sausage with lentils , GF


Jalapenos, pickled and stuffed, GF

Jambalaya,  GF


Kale, braised,  GF


Lamb chops, grilled GF

Lasagna al Pesto

Lasagna al Rocco

Lasagna, Mexican

Leek gratin

Leek and fennel gratin

Lemon curd, Meyer

Lemon curd and blueberry tart

Lemon whipped cheesecake

Lemon, preserved and garbanzo bean dip,  GF

Lemons, preserved  GF

Lentil and quinoa salad, GF

Lentil and quinoa stew, GF

Lentil soup, GF

Lentil, wild rice, and butternut squash stew,  GF

Lime mousse, Mexican lime, © 2009 David Scott Allen

Lorraine, quiche

Lyonnaise potatoes, gf

Macaroni and cheese

Meatloaf, chorizo and beef

Melange Recipes



Mediterranean rice salad, GF

Mexican lasagna

Mexican lime mousse, © 2009 David Scott Allen

Meyer lemon curd

Meyer lemon curd and blueberry tart

Meyer lemons, preserved  GF

Middle Eastern Orzo , GF

Milton cajun, (shrimp creole), GF

Moroccan chicken  GF

Mulligatawny soup, GF

Mushroom, risotto , GF

Mushroom soup

Mushroom and blue cheese sauce with bucatini


Noodles, with stir fry chicken and vegetables, GF

Noodles, with stir fry pork and vegetables

Noodles, with stir fry shrimp and vegetables


Olive and tomato spread, tapenade,  GF

Orzo, middle eastern style , GF

Orzo pasta salad

Orzo salad, warm, GF

Oxtail osso buco


Panna cotta

Pasta, cherry tomato and mozzarella sauce

Pasta, mediterranean with chicken

Pasta, penne patrizio

Pasta, penne baked, Mediterranean style

Pasta, penne with grilled sausage and broccoli

Pasta, pesto chicken

Pasta, ricotta and cherry tomato sauce

Pasta salad, tuna

Pasta salad, orzo

Pasta, shrimp and spinach

Pasta with spring vegetables

Pastis, Catalan savory pie GF

Pea and arugula pesto,  GF

Peach and blueberry cake

Penne, arrabbiata or all’ arrabbiata

Penne baked, Mediterranean style

Penne patrizio

Penne with grilled sausage and broccoli

Peppers, roasted , GF

Pesto, Basil , GF

Pesto, pasta with chicken

Pickled vegetables, quick GF

Pizza dough for grilling

Poblano pepper and white bean soup, GF

Poblanos stuffed with arroz con pollo, GF

Polenta,  GF

Polenta Apple Cake

Polenta with black beans and kale,  GF

Pork carnitas

Pork Loin Roast , GF

Pork medallions agrodolce, grilled

Pork Schnitzel,  GF

Pork shank, smoked, with white beans GF

Pork stew, guiso , GF

Pork stir fry with noodles

Pork tenderloin, grilled GF

Pork tenderloin, marinated and grilled GF

Pork tenderloin with honey mustard sauce GF

Pork tenderloin with chocolate, cinnamon, and chile, © 2009 David Scott Allen

Pot roast, beef , GF

Potato and leek soup,  GF

Potato pie, savory

Potatoes, Lyonnaise, GF

Potatoes, rosemary , GF

Prime rib roast, beef, GF

Pumpkin cheesecake

Puttanesca sauce, with tuna

Quesadilla with bacon, lettuce and tomato

Quiche, asparagus and cheddar

Quiche, broccoli and cheddar

Quiche, lorraine

Quinoa, basic,  GF

Quinoa and lentil salad, GF

Quinoa and lentil stew,  GF

Quinoa black bean and corn salad GF

Quinoa veggie patty,  GF


Ragu, chicken,  GF

Ratatouille , GF

Rice salad, mediterranean style, GF

Rigatoni alla vodka

Risotto, mushroom , GF

Roast, pork loin , GF

Roast, beef pot roast

Roasted tomato caprese salad,  GF

Roma tomato sauce, fresh, GF

Ropa vieja, GF

Rosemary potatoes , GF

Rotisserie Chicken , GF


Sabayon with grapes,  GF


Cucumber and tomato

Salmon, smoked with paprika, © 2009 David Scott Allen

Sauce provencale, GF

Sausage and chicken burger,  GF

Sausage and chicken meatballs, GF

Sausage, gumbo with shrimp , GF

Sausage, Italian with lentils , GF

Sausage, Italian with sauteed mixed greens,  GF

Scallops with Asian vegetables

Schnitzel, pork,  GF

Shrimp and apple stir fry, GF

Shrimp and couscous salad

Shrimp and feta salad

Shrimp and spinach pasta

Shrimp creole, milton cajun, GF

Shrimp, grilled with minty couscous,  GF

Shrimp, gumbo with sausage , GF

Shrimp risotto,  GF

Shrimp stir fry with noodles, GF

Shrimp veracruzano, with couscous, GF

Sole, baked stuffed with mashed potatoes,  GF


Soup, black bean,   GF

Soup, crab and asparagus, GF

Soup, lentil,  GF

Southwestern red chile, © 2009 David Scott Allen

Soy/Ginger sauce for chicken

Spaghetti all’ Amatriciana

Spinach and garbanzo soup, GF

Spinach and shrimp pasta

Squash, bean and corn soup, GF

Squash, butternut roasted,  GF

Stir fry, basic,  GF

Stir fry pork with noodles

Stir fry shrimp with noodles, GF

Sweet and spicy chicken,  GF

Swordfish, marinated and grilled, GF


Tapenade, sun dried tomato and olive,  GF

Tenderloin, pork, grilled,  GF

Tilapia, baked GF

Tomato and balsamic vinegar sauce for chicken

Tomato and cucumber salad

Tomato and fennel sauce, GF

Tomato and green chili spread

Tomato and olive spread, tapenade, GF

Tomato, eggplant, and zucchini tart

Tomato salad, greek style, GF

Tomato sauce, basic, GF

Tomato sauce, roma,  GF

Tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, GF

Tomato tart

Tortellini salad

Tuna and pasta salad

Tuna puttanesca sauce

Turkey chili,  GF

Turkey hash, ground with pepper and avocado coulis,  GF

Turkey legs, braised with white beans, GF

Turkey soup asian-style,  GF


Udon Noodle Salad


Vegetable (grilled) gratin, GF

Vegetables, pickled, quick GF

Veggie patty, quinoa,  GF

Vinaigrette, basic GF


White bean and poblano pepper soup,  GF

White bean soup with smoked sausage, GF




Zucchini, tomato, and eggplant tart