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My name is Jeremy Bacon.  I have been cooking since I was ten gaining most of my knowledge of preparing food from cooking shows, cookbooks, and a host of incredible home cooks.  I have traveled extensively throughout the world and I have never been shy about asking people for recipes and, even more importantly, if I could stand over someone’s shoulder and watch them prepare a meal.  This has included working my way into many small restaurant kitchens.  I tried making food preparation a career; I worked as a private chef for a year and I have done a bit of catering. Like most people I have to earn my living outside of the kitchen.  But I still find time to prepare meals on a regular basis.  I hope the information I share will add variety to the meals you enjoy at home.

I live just north of Dallas, Texas in a bungalow style home with a small kitchen garden for herbs and greens, and a slightly larger garden for vegetables.

You can reach me at: