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Meyer Lemon Curd

June 7th, 2013 — 9:09am
Meyer Lemon Curd

Meyer Lemon Curd

We will finish our Meyer lemon theme with two recipes. The first is a classic lemon curd. The second is a lemon curd and blueberry tart. I have to admit that I often buy lemon curd and then find myself at a loss as to what to do with it. You can of course spread it on just about anything. I like to spread it on freshly-baked scones. It is not bad even on a piece of toasted bread. And although I do not have the baking tenacity, it is an excellent filling for stuffed pastries. The Meyer lemon version is especially smooth tasting.

In this case a tart was made using the lemon curd and fresh blueberries. A simple pastry dough was placed in a tart pan (removable bottom recommended) and was baked. The lemon curd was spread on top of the dough. The lemon curd was topped with fresh blueberries. You can serve the tart at room temperature or even cold from the refrigerator. It seems to be a perfect summertime dessert.

By the way, I do not make lemon curd, nor do I bake. So both of these recipes were prepared by Will. He is the only one in our household who has the patience to prepare either recipe. Not that either recipe is cumbersome. It is just that exact measurements are required. Things that require an exact anything are just not my specialty.

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