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curry marinated grilled chicken breast

Curry-Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts

Sometimes I just crave an unadorned piece of grilled meat. One that does not require sauce or condiments. In the case of a steak I am perfectly happy sprinkling the meat with salt and pepper, letting it rest for an hour or two and then grilling to medium rare. Between the outer char and the seasoning the steak can stand on its own without any further support. You could of course dress it with some compound butter or a complex sauce. For me the simple steak is all I really need.

Other cuts of meat tend to present a challenge. Chicken and pork are hard to cook on their own due to the lack of fat. Lamb is one of the meats I also feel needs a bit of an assist with something more than a bit of salt and pepper. My go-to option in these cases is a relatively long marinade in something salty and savory. Unfortunately I am usually stuck in a rut, using the same marinades over and over again.

This week I decided to try something new with chicken breasts. I used many of the usual ingredients. To speed things up I used powdered versions of ginger, and garlic and added some curry, the sweet

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version, to see what would happen. I find that marinades with chopped ingredients tend to get flavor hot spots. In an earlier version where I use chopped ginger and garlic you come across bites that have a more intense flavor of either or both. Not entirely unpleasant, but not really the idea behind the marinade.

This new version had a very subtle ginger and garlic flavor with a more intense flavoring from the curry. The new marinade also had the added benefit of an incredibly mouthwatering smell while the chicken was grilled. The curry gave the chicken a bit of a yellow hue to contrast with the deep brown grill marks. Nothing better than a dish that looks, smells, and tastes good. This chicken marinade has the added benefit that it takes about 5 minutes to prepare (no chopping). It is hard to imagine a more simple and tasty grilled chicken breast.

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