Wherefore Art Thou Inspiration?

chicken meatballs in a baking dish

Chicken Meatballs in the Baking Dish

I am never really sure from where recipes come. Often the inspiration comes from laziness. I do not want to go to the store, therefore I use whatever is on hand. Many recipes are borrowed ideas that are rearranged and approached from a different perspective. Other ideas come from the “it’s on sale” mentality. Too cheap to pass up and no recipes to choose from.

Sometimes the recipes work. Other times they do not work. Sometimes the inspiration leads to other recipes. On a few occasions the inspirations get you into trouble. (When your sister tells your parents you borrowed some of the wine in the refrigerator to put in the carrots for example.) More often than not they are not really good enough to write down, passing into the oblivion of forgotten “good ideas.”

In the case of chicken meatballs the inspiration comes from taking a different perspective on an old dish, and the fact that both ground chicken and chicken sausage filling were on sale at the same time. Although I have to admit the “too cheap to pass up” motive was probably the more potent driving force.

The ground chicken and the chicken sausage filling collided with the usual ingredients to create an incredibly tasty, moist, satisfying meatball. There was enough interesting flavor from the sausage filling without screaming “sausage.” The added ingredients kept the meat moist in the absence of any real fat content. It is hard to say “satisfying” and “low in fat” in the same sentence. I often think combining the statements is oxymoronic. In this case, however, it really works. I might even pay full price for this meat combination in the future!

chicken meatballs

Chicken Meatballs

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